In the 30 years we have lived here, Newton has given us much: a wonderful community of friends and neighbors, excellent schooling for our two daughters, a library that continues to inspire curiosity, great parks and open spaces, and easy access by foot, bike, transit and car.

I wish to continue to give back to Newton and improve life here for you and your family.

My professional background is as a community journalist and since 2012, I serve as director of the Wastewater Advisory Committee to the MWRA.

As chair of the council's Public Safety and Transportation committee, I have advanced safer streets and encouraged the efforts of our police and fire chiefs to build positive connections and create better outcomes for our residents.

Andreae, Paul and daughters Susannah and Juliette


  • Voting for needed, high-performance housing near transit and services;

  • Reclaiming the Commonwealth Avenue Carriageway as a linear park;

  • Making special permit projects better with energy efficiency and improved pedestrian facilities;

  • Creating safer school routes for students on foot, bike and buses-including over 20 slow zones;

  • Supporting park investments;

  • Helping our village centers thrive-including making the parking spot dining pilot permanent;

  • Adding native biodiversity as a goal for parks and new landscaping.


Newton Conservators

Green Newton

Newton Tree Conservancy

League of Women Voters, Newton

Newton Pollinator Project

Friends of Cold Spring Park, Hemlock Gorge & Quinobequin


Current & Former Newton Elected Officials:

Congressman Jake Auchincloss

Cynthia Stone Creem, State Senator

Ruth Balser, State Representative

Kay Khan, State Representative

Mayor Ruthanne Fuller

Susan Albright, City Council President

Rick Lipof, City Council Vice President

City Councilors:
Alison Leary

Maria Greenberg

Andrea Kelley

Deb Crossley

Bill Humphrey

Alicia Bowman

Vicki Danberg

Brenda Noel

Becky Walker Grossman

David Kalis

Holly Ryan

Former Alder/Councilors:

Mitch Fischman

Ted Hess-Mahan

Brooke Lipsitt

John Rice

Cheryl Lappin

Current & Former Area Councilors

Marie Jackson

Maureen Reilly Meagher

Srdjan Nedeljkovic

Community leaders:

Jenn Abbott

AnnaMaria Abernathy

Rachel Adler-Golden

Ruby Ajanee

Cori Alperstein

Nathan Aronow

David Backer

Diane Becket

Tamara Bliss

Judy Boroschek

Karen Bray

Dan Brody

Halina Brown & Philip Vergragt

Nanci Ginty Butler

Sandra Butzel

Dr. Harvey Cohen, DDS

Marcia Cooper

Kyle & Lindsay Crossley

Amy Dain

Ruth & Bill Dain

Sheila Decter

Lucia Dolan

Jonathan Downs & Andree Saulnier

Bev Droz

Christine Dutt

John Ficarelli

Lee Fisher

Shawn Fitzgibbons

Henry Finch

Russ Feldman

George Foord

Susan & Lachlan Forrow

Jane Frantz

Nanette Fridman

Rob Gifford

Marian & Arthur Glasgow

Fran Godine

Janet Goldenberg

Ellie Goldberg

Linda Green

David Guberman

Holly Gunner & Anne Chalmers

Mike Halle

Jane & Phil Hanser

Brice Hobbs

Larissa Hordynsky

Alice Ingerson

Judy Jacobson & Dan Weiner

Bob Jampol

Barbara John

Laura McCarthy Johnson

Helen Jordan

School Committee Members

Tamika Olszewski

Rajeev Parlikar

Anping Shen

Emily Prenner

Kathy Shields

Former members:

Ruth Goldman

Steve Siegel

Matthew Miller

Claire Sokoloff

Anne Borg

Margie Ross-Decter

Susan Rosenbaum

Susie Heyman

Community leaders:

Kathy Kagan Laufer

Connie & Bill Kantar

Jonathan Kantar

David Kenney

Marian Knapp

Ken & Carol Krems

Curt Lamb

Jack Leader

Barbara Lietzke

Lois Levin & Helen Rittenberg

Arlene Lowney

Jenn Martin

Judi MacKenzie

Robin Maltz

Honor McClellan

Kevin McCormick

Mark McElroy

Charlie McMillan

Lisa Monahan

Rosemarie Mullin

Jennifer Nash & Don Bronstein

Susan Nesson

Alan Nogee

Ed Olhava

John Pelletier

Nathan Philips

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