*Re-Election 2023*


In the 30 years we have lived here, Newton has given us much: a wonderful community of friends and neighbors, excellent schooling for our two daughters, a library that continues to inspire curiosity, great parks and open spaces, and easy access by foot, bike, transit and car.

I wish to continue to give back to Newton and improve life here for you and your family.

My professional background is as a community journalist and since 2012, I serve as director of the Wastewater Advisory Committee to the MWRA.

As chair of the council's Public Safety and Transportation committee, I have advanced safer streets and encouraged the efforts of our police and fire chiefs to build positive connections and create better outcomes for our residents.


  • Voting for needed, high-performance housing near transit and services;

  • Reclaiming the Commonwealth Avenue Carriageway as a linear park;

  • Making special permit projects better with energy efficiency and improved pedestrian facilities;

  • Creating safer school routes for students on foot, bike and buses-including over 20 slow zones;

  • Supporting park investments;

  • Helping our village centers thrive-including making the parking spot dining pilot permanent;

  • Adding native biodiversity as a goal for parks and new landscaping.


Newton Conservators

Green Newton

Newton Tree Conservancy

League of Women Voters, Newton

Newton Pollinator Project

Friends of Cold Spring Park, Hemlock Gorge & Quinobequin

Andreae, Paul and daughters Susannah and Juliette


Current & Former Newton Elected Officials:

Congressman Jake Auchincloss

Cynthia Stone Creem, State Senator for Newton

Ruth Balser, State Representative for Newton

Kay Khan, State Representative for Newton

Susan Albright, City Council President

City Councilors:
Alison Leary

Maria Greenberg

Andrea Kelley

Deb Crossley

Bill Humphrey

Alicia Bowman

Vicki Danberg

Brenda Noel

Becky Walker Grossman

Holly Ryan

Ted Hess-Mahan

Brooke Lipsitt

John Rice

Community leaders:

Tamara Bliss

Dr. Harvey Cohen, DDS

Marcia Cooper

Amy Dain

Ruth & Bill Dain

Jonathan Downs & Andree Saulnier

Christine Dutt

Shawn Fitzgibbons

Susan & Lachlan Forrow

Jane Frantz

Fran Godine

Janet Goldenberg

Ellie Goldberg

Mike Halle

Helen Jordan

Kathy Kagan Laufer

Jack Leader

Lois Levin & Helen Rittenberg

Jenn Martin

Honor McClellan

Rosemarie Mullin

Jennifer Nash & Don Bronstein

Ed Olhava

John Pelletier

Nathan Philips

Kerry Prasad

Cedar Pruitt

Sean Roche

Mary Seidel-Sharp

Chris Steele

Betty & Steve Tolkin

Laura Towvim

Jean Tullius

Dede Vittori

School Committee Members

Tamika Olszewski

Rajeev Parlikar

Anping Shen

Emily Prenner

Kathy Shields

Former members:

Ruth Goldman

Steve Siegel

Claire Sokoloff

Anne Borg

Margie Ross-Decter

Susie Heyman