Thank You

11/8/20231 min read

Thank you for your support. Campaigns are team efforts, and so many Newtonians pitched in, wrote me with suggestions, hosted lawn signs, endorsed, knocked on doors, donated and more.

I could not campaign without you.

I also cannot govern without you. When I hear from you, I govern better. So please stay engaged. As Martha Bixby put it: " We are strongest when we work as a community, for our community."

And I look forward to making Newton more resilient, welcoming, walkable, and vibrant. To work toward a city where everyone can flourish.

I know Rena Getz shares many of my goals, and look forward to working with her to find the common ground on which good policy is made.

Onward, friends! There's much left to do!

LAWN SIGNS--If you have one of my lawn signs, please leave it out--or at least visible from the street. We will be picking them up before Saturday.

If we missed one, please let me know and we will be back out again on Monday to collect.