Why I love this job

Making things better in Newton

11/8/20231 min read

One of the joys of this job is to be able to put together the permits, the resources and the community support to implement projects like the one above that improves residents' quality of life.

Projects Like:

  • Installing pedestrian signals and highly-visible crosswalks to make it safer to walk across busy streets.

  • Planting trees to shade our streets. Making parks better, and more biodiverse.

  • Organizing traffic on streets like Crafts and Watertown to reduce crashes and make pedestrians more visible to drivers.

  • Planning to welcome new residents of all generations and incomes.

  • Making new buildings and big renovations climate ready -- efficient and capturing stormwater.

All while of course supporting schools, fire, police and the DPW's many public space programs.

I'd like to continue.

If you haven't already: please vote on Tuesday! And please vote for the women and men who will help me on projects and plans like these

Thank you!!

*Thanks to Cam McAllister (Eagle Scout candidate) and Troop Master Tim McAllister for organizing on their end!